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How to give substance to money with Love based Truth
November 03, 2016

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November 2016


I hope you are enjoying "breathing in" the 3D holographic images in your mind that are given substance with fear based beliefs, and "breathing out" the Love based Truth from your heart.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you might want to visit my blog to read the series of articles I wrote in September and October about the metaphysics of Mind Over Matter.

To quickly review:

Everything in our physical life experience is a thoughtform given substance by feeling in the mind. Mind is the space-time for all those thoughts, feelings, ideas, images, and actions to exist.

Space (ie. your mind) is made up of infinite zero points, each emitting a torroidal electromagnetic field of energy and information. Your body receives that energy and information and sends it to your brain. The brain then creates a 3D holographic image in the mind, and that's what we call "physical reality" or our life experience.

In your heart there is a very special zero point. It is your connection to Source, or who you really are. When you connect the heart and the brain you gain access to your soul - the blueprint for your life - and the light of spirit - the Love based Truth that gives substance to that blueprint.

The heart is the first organ to form in the fetus. When it starts to beat it emits an electromagnetic field. That field sends signals to the other cells in the fetus, triggering the DNA that results in those cells becoming organs, tissues, blood, bones, etc.

A baby in the womb starts to dream as early as 17 weeks. These "dreams" create neuropathways that will determine how the child will perceive what is in the mind after he or she emerges from the womb.

And that brings us to the topic of the next few emails: the metaphysics of money.

I chose money because it is one of the most deeply ingrained thoughtforms in the minds of most people. It is also one of the most powerfully "energized" thoughtforms.

Money, like everything else in the mind, is a 3D holographic image created by your brain. It is a thoughtform given substance by one of two feelings - fear based belief, or Love based Truth.

Your brain can only give substance to thoughtforms with fear based belief. It is the job of your brain to create the Illusion of Separation.

To give substance to a thoughtform with Love based Truth, you must send the image created by the brain back to Source through the zero point "event horizon" in your heart.

In other words, that "simple technique" I shared with you last week can also be applied to money - if you haven't done so already. (see Ho'oponopono prayer below)

Money has been a part of human experience for at least ten thousand years. Some archeologists and historians believe it was created by Sumerian priests to create the illusion of freedom in the minds of slaves without actually freeing them from slavery.

As a result, the belief that we "need" money to survive and that money creates "freedom" (don't we all want "financial freedom"?) is so endemic to our minds that it appears to be a law of nature.

I am not going to try to change those beliefs for you here. Even if I told you that we don't need money to survive - we need each other. Or that money does not create freedom, but enforces the need for "wage slavery", your mind would not be able to accept what I say. Ten thousand years of "epigenetics" cannot be overturned by words, affirmations, ideas, or facts.

Maybe you have come across ideas like these elswhere. You might even think you believe them. Perhaps you do believe them. But that's the problem.

ALL beliefs are false and fear based. There is no such thing as a "Love based Belief".

Belief by definition is something that you do not "know" (ie. have not "gone through") but accept on faith as being "true". Anything that is accepted on faith, and not experienced directly, can be undermined and replaced by other beliefs.

That is why affirmations are not such a good idea. Replacing one set of beliefs with another still leaves you "not knowing" and vulnerable to the next set of "new" ideas and beliefs.

Love based Truth comes from the heart. It is experienced directly, and it results in a sense of "knowing" that cannot be undermined by the latest, greatest set of beliefs.

Therefore, the only way to replace the fear based beliefs giving substance to your experience of money (and we all have them - the patterns are laid down in the brain before birth) is to access Love based Truth from the heart.

How can you do this?

One way is the quick technique I shared last week.

Whenever you are having an experience with money, try breathing the image of that experience into your heart. As you breathe in slowly, say or think to yourself, "I am so sorry, please forgive me." Then, as you breathe out slowly, say or think to yourself, "Thank you, I love you."

This is the Ho'oponopono prayer that was made popular years ago by Dr. Joe Vitale. It is a shamanic Hawaiian prayer used by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len to heal criminally insane hospitalized patients - without ever seeing them or talking to them directly.

If there are thoughtforms in the mind that can create criminally insane behavior in humans, I would have to put money at or near the top of the list. Most psychologists, lawyers, and screenwriters would probably agree with me.

Even if you think you have a "healthy relationship" with money, I invite you to give this a try. Notice how your thoughts and feelings about money start to shift.

At first, you might experience strong negative emotions as you begin to see how our collective fear based beliefs about money are affecting our environment, our relationships, our health, and our society.

As Love based Truth begins to replace fear based beliefs, how does your behavior change when interacting with money and other financial situations - even barter, or other forms of "trade"?

Next week, I will begin to explore existing beliefs about money, and how they are shaping our physical life experience. Then, we can start looking at economic models that are based on resources, relationships, and our connection to source, or who we really are.

To prepare your mind for this exploration I hope you will practice the simple deep breathing-Ho'oponopono technique when interacting with money in your life.

And if you want to go even deeper, you can join the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and download a free ebook that will teach you a powerful technique for identifying fear based beliefs, and replacing them with Love based Truth from your heart. Visit the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart

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Until next week,

Ilana Moss
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