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March 21, 2017

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March 2017

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Voted number one: Spiritual Awareness and feelings of Connection

Tomorrow - Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at Noon PST - I will be holding the first ever LIVE Webinar at the Mind With Heart Virtual Learning Center, hosted by

Learn how a simple three step system integrates mind, body, and heart intelligence for a totally transformative experience!

Register Now and you will have access to the recording if you are unable to attend the LIVE Event.

The webinar this Wednesday, March 22nd, at noon PST, is Episode One of a four episode series.

I will be sharing with you my story, how I overcame PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, divorce, and even homelessness with the help of the Heartcompass Life Navigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart.

I will share how I have helped others heal relationships, succeed in business, jobs and careers, become better parents, deal with feelings of rage or hatred or despair, and much more.

It Starts Tomorrow - Sign Up Now!

The number one desire of people learning how to Create A Mind With Heart is to increase Spiritual Awareness and feelings of connection. I will show you how to achieve that dream in this free four part webinar series.

Whether you discovered Metaphysics for Life years ago, or just yesterday, you will not want to miss this free webinar series!!

Please add "" to your email contact list to make sure your link to the webinar does not go into the spam folder!

Register now for "Creating A Mind With Heart: Experience True Success!"

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Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
Metaphysics for Life

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