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Four new pages have been added to the site:

~~ Modern Metaphysics: Exploring the True Nature of Reality with Science and Technology

Before science and technology, metaphysics was limited to the realm of philosophy. Learn what's new in Modern Metaphysics, and find out what scientists and researchers are contributing to what we now know about our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical worlds and how this knowledge can benefit our lives.

~~ Science Mysteries: Science Meets Metaphysics, Paranormal and Quantum Phenomena.

Learn how the scientific approach to non-physical phenomena can result in "unexplained mysteries" and how you can solve these mysteries yourself! Don't miss the "Time Technology" interview with Dr David Anderson at the bottom of the page. Expand your awareness of what's possible.

~~ Parapsychology: The Scientific Investigation of Paranormal Experience.

Today, advanced scientific methods and technology are beginning to confirm what many people have personally experienced, but were told to dismiss as "abnormal". If you have experienced paranormal phenomena, and would like to know how it works, then check out this page.

~~ Creating Sacred Spaces: You Are Creating Sacred Spaces when you create Love-based Feeling in the Heart.

Whenever you create Love-based feeling in the Heart (by combining thought and emotion) you overcome the Illusion of fear. Overcoming the Illusion of separation and fear allows you to perceive everything in your experience as sacred space. To discover just some of the ways to do this, and to explore Feng Shui, Spiritual Nutrition, and more, just visit this page now.

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Look for these new additions to Metaphysics-for-Life.com over the next few weeks:

* I'll be adding the ability for you to add comments and content to MFL. (I know, I promised this in the first issue, but I've been so busy adding great new content. I will get this done very soon!) Look for it on the "Gratitude Quotes" page, where you will be invited to submit your favorite Gratitude Quotes. Also, on the BOOKS page - let us know about the great books you have found on metaphysics! And of course, on the SCHOOLS page - share your ratings and experiences of Metaphysical Schools (and Applied Metaphysics Schools) you have attended, or tell us about schools I missed!

* There will be a "LINKS" page, making it easier to find that great link you saw...where was it again??? Links will be organized according to topic, and alphabetical within that topic.

* "Mystery Content" - new content that I haven't even discovered yet, but I will - and you will be the first to know!

"Metaphysical Quote"

"Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

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