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January 26, 2017

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January 2017

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Last week I shared some of my own personal experiences and consequences of NOT listening to my own inner guidance, heart intelligence, the "small still voice", etc.

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I was inspired to write about my experience after watching a documentary at Gaia TV about the Power of The Heart. The film included an interview with Immaculee Ilibagiza, a young woman who survived the genocide that occured in Rwanda in the mid 1990's.

Before the genocide began, Immaculee - a teenage girl at the time - received inner guidance that told her it was time to leave the country.

She knew in her heart it was the right thing to do. But her father dismissed her intuition and she decided, against her own knowing, to believe her father because he was a wise man who had always made good decisions in the past.

This young girl was the only one in her family that survived. She hid for three months in a small bathroom in the home of a priest with several other girls. It was a miracle that they survived. And needless to say, it changed her life forever.

Most of us know what it's like to ignore our intuition and suffer the consequences. Missed opportunities, health consequences, damage to relationships, and so on.

But what happens when we DO listen? And take ACTION?

I have heard so many stories over the years, of people who have learned to listen to their inner guidance.

Wives and mothers who have been able to transform their relationships with their husband and children.

Professionals and business owners who were able to attract new clients or get the raise or promotion that had eluded them for many years.

People with chronic diseases who were finally able to find the answers that allowed them to create true health.

I know, it sounds like one of those "snake oil" panacea stories we have all read about! But this is not about a product or formula that you can swallow or follow. This is just a very real, very human, innate ability we ALL have.

We just need to remember.

I am not saying, and would never say, that a technique or process that I have used in my own life and taught others is the ONLY way! I have seen too many other "ways" that obviously "work".

When I say something "works" I mean that it empowers a person to take control of their own life. It allows them to access their own inner resources. It helps them remember who they really are.

It can happen through a spiritual practice. Or it can happen through a life experience that turns our life upside down, and forces us to see everything in a new way. Or it can be a combination of both.

Accessing the Heart and following our own inner guidance does NOT mean that we will never experience loss, pain, or disappointment. In fact, once we begin this process, difficult and challenging experiences can increase exponentially!

That's because we have decided consciously to STEP UP and TRANSFORM the false fear based beliefs we have been using to create our life experience. And in order to do that, we need to have life experiences that bring those fear based beliefs into our field of awareness.

When we begin to access the blueprint of our Soul, and connect with the desires of our Heart, we will not always get what we think we want. We won't always like what our inner guidance is telling us.

It might seem inconvenient, or difficult, or feel like a huge sacrifice.

Those feelings come from the built in resistance of the ego, that important part of us that creates Illusion of Separation and makes a physical life experience possible.

But if we listen, if we take action, and follow through - then the ultimate outcome is to discover that what we thought we wanted pales in comparison to the miracle of manifesting what our Heart truly desires.

Immaculee thought that she wanted revenge for what happened to her family. But the hatred she felt towards the men - men that had been her neighbors, her teachers! - who committed the slaughter was poison to her own Soul.

She recognized this and chose forgiveness.

To forgive means to return the images in our Mind that have been created with fear based beliefs back to Source through our own Hearts. In doing so we "correct" or "complete" the experience.

The same experience that was filled with fear, anger, hatred and pain is healed when it is filled with the vibration of Love based Truth.

It might not always look like it on the surface, but connecting the head and the Heart and accessing your own inner guidance is the greatest source of health, wealth, and happiness available to us on Earth at this time.

Join the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and get a free ebook that will teach you the simple five step system I have been using and sharing with others for years.

The Heartcompass Life Navigation System helps you identify the fear based beliefs that cause all suffering and replace them with Love based Truth from your Heart.

Go to the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart to get started now.

Until next week,

Ilana Moss
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