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The Illusion of Connection
February 02, 2017

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January 2017

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A couple of months ago I subscribed to Gaia TV, mostly so I could access a new series by author and scientist Gregg Braden called "Missing Links".

In the series Gregg talks about the science of our Heart and Mind, as well as recent discoveries in physics and archeology that are undermining what we have been taught in school about our history and the potential of humanity.

In Episode 5 I was blown away by an "aha" moment!

Not because of what Gregg was sharing, but because I realized that his conclusions were still "wrong"... or at least, he did not have the whole picture.

The episode was about the "field" and how everything is connected.

"The Field" is a field of energy and information that connects everything in our Universe.

Braden doesn't talk about where the field comes from, or how it is created. But he does talk about the "Big Bang" and entanglement. If everything in the Universe was once a "singularity" that exploded and formed stars, galaxies, and planets, then everything in the Universe is "entangled".

This principle was demonstrated by an experiment in which a single photon was split in two and sent through a device that placed them fourteen miles apart.

Yet, even at that distance, when one photon was "tickled" or rotated, the other photon reacted at the same time, and in the same way, as the photon that was actually being messed with.

This result is explained with what I now call "The Illusion of Connection" - otherwise known as quantum entanglement and the Field.

My "aha" moment came when I realized the "mistake" those scientists had made.

Those scientists assumed they had split the one photon into two photons.

But what actually happened was ONE photon appeared to become two. It was ONE photon existing simultaneously in two points of time and space.

That's why they both reacted to the stimulation. Because they are the SAME PHOTON.

How did I come to this realization?

A while back I was "shown" how the ONE creates Illusion of Separation by making itself seem to appear simultaneously in infinite points of space and time.

Each "zero point" IS the ONE. And each zero point is experiencing what is in the Mind (ie. space and time) from it's unique point of view.

In other words, there are not "infinite zero points" all connected by a field of energy and information. There is ONLY ONE zero point. And that ONE is creating the Field.

Oh dear. Complicated.

But what is the significance of this for our own lives, and for humanity??

Remember I said in previous issues that each of us has a zero point in the Heart that connects us to Source?

Well, if what I was "shown" is true, then we are not connected to Source. We must BE Source. If separation is an illusion, then connection must also be an illusion.

In other words, in order for two things to be connected, they must also be separate.

But nothing is actually separate. Everything is ONE appearing to exist simultaneously in infinite points of space-time, or Mind.

How can we apply this to our real lives?

As humans, we like to give meaning to things. We ask, "Why am I here?"

If each of us is the ONE, experiencing the Universe from a unique point of view in space and time (the Mind), then maybe we are here to share that experience with each other?

In other words, what I experience from my point of view contributes to your experience from your point of view when I share it with you.

This seems to be the basis of all successful relationships, societies and cultures.

Giving, sharing, learning, growing, loving. Not because we are all connected.

But because we actually are, really, all ONE.

The Field that connects everything is actually a product of the Illusion of Separation.

To overcome the Illusion of Separation AND the Illusion of Connection, I recommend creating A Mind With Heart.

When we create A Mind With Heart we create a direct experience of "the ONE", of who we really are.

Visit the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and get your free ebook now.

Until next week,

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
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