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How Mind Over Matter Really Works
September 28, 2016

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September 2016


In last week's newsletter I suggested a new definition for "mind": Mind is the space and time for all thoughts, feelings, ideas, images and actions to exist.

If this is true, then everything that makes up our physical life experience exists within the mind, but is not influenced or controlled by it.

I felt I had to create this new definition to accommodate my own personal experience, as well as what I have learned from the study of metaphysics and scientific evidence.

If mind is the container for physical reality, or what we call "matter", then what could possibly be creating our physical life experience? What is the true cause of the phenomenon we call "mind over matter"?

At the end of last week's newsletter I mentioned something called "the zero point in the heart" and I promised to talk more about that here.

First, a "zero point" is defined in quantum theory as an infinitely small point in time and space. Quantum physics suggests that space and time are filled with infinite zero points. Each of these zero points, also known as "event horizons", are emitting a unique torroidal field of energy and information.

You may recall that matter is not solid. It is made up of energy and information. I believe our perception of physical reality is created when the body receives energy and information generated by these infinite zero points, sends that information and energy to the brain, which then creates a 3D holographic experience in the space/time we call mind.

The human body is, of course, also a manifestation of infinite zero points and the energy and information being generated by those zero points.

At the center of the human body is what we call "the zero point of the heart". The heart generates a torroidal field of energy and information that encompasses, and influences, the entire human body.

The zero point in the heart is very special, because it acts as a gateway, connecting point, or "modem" that gives each of us access to the unique blueprint of our soul and the energy or light of spirit that gives substance to that blueprint.

I don't have time to go into the nature of the soul and spirit today. The important thing to recognize is that the heart, and the event horizon that exists within the heart, may be at the center of our entire life experience.

But what does this have to do with "mind over matter", or the phenomenon of using our willpower to influence the health and performance of our physical bodies, or even external matter and events?

A zero point, because it is infinitely small, contains all potential energy and information. Each zero point, because it occupies a unique position in the space/time of the mind, emits a unique pattern of energy and information.

As humans, we have the unique ability to move our conscious awareness from our own center point - the zero point in our heart - to other zero points in the space/time of the mind. This is how we perform remote viewing and influencing, out of body experiences, psychic phenomenon, and other such things.

We also have the ability to access the infinite potential energy and information available to us through the zero point in the heart. This energy and information can then be transmitted, via the torroidal field of the heart, to heal our bodies, influence our relationships, and create the experience we call "law of attraction".

All of this results in new signals being sent to the brain, which then creates the physical 3D holographic experience in the mind that we call life.

But it is not the mind or brain that is creating or influencing the experience. It is the energy and information contained in the zero point of the heart, and our ability to access, choose, and direct that field of energy and information.

Connecting your head and your heart is like hooking your computer up to the internet. Without the internet, your laptop is limited to whatever is already programmed into it. Connecting to the internet allows you to download new programs and update old ones. You can also get viruses, which is why you also need to protect yourself.

Feelings and activities that connect the head and the heart will result in updates to programs or neural pathways in your brain, and will change the 3D holographic image that it creates in your mind.

But you don't want to just access the infinite potential available through your heart willy nilly!

Always protect yourself by setting intentions, being mindful and aware, writing down negative thoughts and beliefs to move activity from the subconscious to the conscious parts of your brain, and creating feelings of gratitude, love, and contentment in your heart.

Next week I will talk more about ways to do this. In the meantime, how does my theory fit with your personal life experience and knowledge? I would love to hear from you!

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Until next week,

Ilana Moss
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