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Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover
October 23, 2014

Welcome To Offramp Updates
November 2014


Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover

A new course is coming!

I'm working on it now and it's looking good so far.

To find out how to get the ebook for free even before the course is opened for enrollment keep reading this newsletter.

Or you can read it online by clicking the link here: Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover course overview

What the new Course is about:

The Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover is about digging deep, taking personal responsibility for everything that you think, feel, say and do, and tapping into powerful inner resources you may not even know you have.

What you will learn to do:

In this Course you will learn a fast, simple, easy to use, step by step process that over time will totally transform your heart, mind and body and connect you to your soul and Spirit. It will change how you think, feel and act by showing you how to choose Love and lose the fear.

The Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover includes an ebook with clear instructions for building your own Heartcompass LifeNavigator's Kit. In the course you will learn exactly how to use the Kit and get results the first time you use it. You have the option of enrolling in Group Coaching to receive guiding questions. I use your answers to create personalized Group Coaching videos to keep you motivated and inspired to take action. There is also a growing list of support materials, links and videos to help you maximize and expand upon your results.

People who study this course and apply what they learn find relief from stress, improved relationships, make better choices that lead to improved health and well being, improved financial and business circumstances, and even spiritual growth and awakening.

Get the ebook and discount coupons now:

Join the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart The Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover begins with a single step - the decision to get started right now. That first step will be the hardest one in this entire process! Get started today and see a difference in your life tomorrow.

Don't wait. Even if you think you've heard this all before - especially if you've heard claims like this before - this is the one that really works. Start today with your free ebook "Your Heartcompass Owner's Manual"

To learn more about the upcoming course go to Metaphysics for Life and click the Mind With Heart button in the navigation bar or use this link:

Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover course overview

My target date for opening enrollment to the course is November 10th. When enrollment is closed I will be taking down lots of my old stuff (because the new stuff is so much better!)

You can still access my old teaching materials if you go now. Be sure to tell your friends and loved ones while there is still some time.

Thank you!

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
Metaphysics for Life
Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart

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"The world we are experiencing today is the result of our collective consciousness, and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it."

-- -Rosemary Fillmore Rhea, New Thought for a New Millenium

Offramp Updates
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Ilana Moss,
HeartCompass Enterprises
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