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The Exponential Energy Effect of a Heart Centered Group
May 12, 2015

Welcome To Offramp Updates
May 2015


So much is happening at the Foundation for Creating a Mind With Heart!

The Foundation for Creating a Mind With Heart is a part of Metaphysics for Life.

Over the past six months the Foundation has produced an online Course, a three part mini series, and an ongoing Group Coaching series.

A new series of Group Coaching sessions begins this week at the Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover Course on Udemy.

There is still time to enroll at more than 60% off full tuition and join the Group! (use the Coupon Code: TOTAL19MAKEOVER to enroll for just $19 - which includes Group Coaching. Offer expires May 15th.)

Go To: The Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover on Udemy

Did you know that the effect upon the energy of a Heart Centered Group is exponential? This explains why small groups of people meditating can lower crime rates in cities, and reduce the violent effects of war.

The learning, growing and healing that happens in Group Coaching is increased exponentially with every new member. To learn more read to the end of this email.

What do you most want to have, be, do or change in your life right now?

The things we THINK we WANT to have, be, do, or change are powerful gateways to the Love based Truth of who we really are, why we are here, and the true nature of our physical life experience.

This week, tell me about yourself. What do you "think" you most want to change, have, be or do?

That is Source calling out to you, saying, "Hey! Send that half formed perception back to me. I will correct and complete it for you. I will show you what your Heart truly desires! I will show you that what's in your own Soul is GOOD!"

The Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover is about much more than just getting what we think we want.

It's about learning a whole new way of seeing yourself and your world. It will change how you go about living your life, solving problems, creating new ways of being, doing, and having.

This is not law of attraction, vision boards, affirmations, or taking command of the Universe. It is so much more powerful. And the ONLY way to access this kind of power is to be in alignment with your own Heart and Soul, your gateway to Source.

Let's begin by sharing what our perceptions are telling us about ourselves right now.

That's the Illusion of Separation talking. Are we feeling sick, broke, alone, scared or tired? Or, is life pretty good right now and there just seems to be something missing?

I have seen people totally, and I mean TOTALLY transform their lives after a few weeks or months with the Heartcompass Life Navigation System. My own life barely resembles what it was ten years ago. All the good things, the stuff close to my own Heart and Soul, are still with me. The things that were missing - most of those are in my life now.

But I'll tell you a little secret: There is ALWAYS something "missing"! It's not really "missing". There is just always more stored in your Soul, waiting to manifest and be experienced in physical reality.

I hope you are ready now to start answering the call of Source and what's in your own Heart and Soul. If you are not yet enrolled in the Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover Course then I hope you will join us this week.

Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover (use Coupon Code: TOTAL19MAKEOVER now through Friday May 15th)

Because you have visited Metaphysics for Life and subscribe to this newsletter, I invite you to "reply" to this email and let me know what you MOST want to have, be, do or change in your life right now.

There is nothing too big, or too small.

I DO answer emails personally, and I will address your concerns in the Group Coaching sessions. If you do not want me to mention your name or location please include that in your email response.

The next Session will be uploaded to the Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover Course on Thursday, May 14th. If you are enrolled in the Course but have not yet joined the Group Coaching Option you might want to do that so you don't miss a thing. After the first session is recorded and uploaded, I will only be emailing people who are enrolled in the Group Coaching Option.

Please reply to this email today. Your participation helps not only you, but everyone in the group.

You never know who might be inspired or helped by your sharing. This kind of open healing - in groups - has an exponential effect on the power of the healing, awakening, and transformation process.

In other words, two people participating in Heart work together does not double the energy - it is SQUARED. And three people - CUBED. And so on!

Every additional individual who participates adds to the exponential of power in this process.

Total Heart Mind Body and Soul Makeover ($19 includes Group Coaching)

Thank you so much for joining us!

Hit "reply" to this email and tell me what you think you want MOST right now!

Use the Coupon Code below to enroll in the Total Makeover Course and join the Group Coaching Option today for just $19! (that's more than 60% off full tuition!)

This kind of pricing only happens a couple of times per year, so don't wait if you want to get six weeks of Group Coaching for less than 20 bucks!

Click here and use Coupon Code: TOTAL19MAKEOVER (expires May 15th)

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