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Completing the Feedback Loop of Physical Reality
October 06, 2016

Welcome To Offramp Updates
October 2016


Who are we? Why are we here? What is the nature of reality? Is there a creator or God?

These are the existential questions that fuel metaphysics.

As I was walking my dog this evening in the golden light of an autumn sunset I realized that I was finally, at the age of 58, having my first existential "crisis"! I had to laugh! Just watching a car driving along the rode was enough to make me wonder, how is this all possible??

The last few emails I sent to you - about mind over matter, how it really works, quantum physics, and spirituality - are the best I can do at this time to explain in words what my own experience with metaphysics, and answering these existential questions, has been so far.

We took a look at definitions of mind, and a new way of relating to the mind and the role it plays in our physical life experience. I shared some scientific evidence I am aware of that seems to support the model I proposed. And I explained my own ideas about how the heart, mind, body, soul and spirit work together to create physical reality.

The next question has to be, who are we? Is there a God? And what role do we play in all of this?

I believe these are questions that can only be answered through personal experience, and I won't pretend to be able to tell you who you are, or if God even exists.

What I do know is that each of us occupies a unique point of view in the space and time of the mind that contains all the thoughts, feelings, ideas, images and actions that make up our individual life experience.

If you read the last issue of Offramp Updates, you might remember I talked about the zero point in your heart. A zero point is an infinitely small point in space and time, also known as an "event horizon". When we cross over this event horizon in the heart we access infinite energy and ideas, infinite intelligence, and inner guidance from Source. How does this work? And what results might you expect when you do this?

I like to use metaphors, if I can, to explain things. If you have ever seen the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster there is a scene in that movie that demonstrates what I am talking about when I say "crossing the event horizon". I know, it's just a movie, but it provides a visual model we can use.

In the movie, Jodie plays an astrophysicist listening for messages from outer space coming from intelligent alien species. Of course, she eventually receives one.

The message contains instructions for building a device that apparently will serve as transportation to wherever the message came from. Jodie is eventually chosen to be our human emissary and visit whomever sent the message.

She gets into a ball shaped Pod, and this huge device starts to turn and churn, creating brilliant point of light at it's center. The Pod is dropped through the center of the device into the point of light. Jodie finds herself transported through a series of black holes or tunnels, and sees stars, galaxies, planets, and signs of life and civilization.

When the journey is over she finds out that, from the point of view of the observing scientists, nothing happened! Videos show the ball simply falling through the device and into the safety net.

How is this a metaphor for the zero point in your heart, and what happens when we cross that event horizon?

If you remember, your heart is emitting an electromagnetic field of energy and information that is toroidal in shape and extends at least fifteen feet out in every direction. At the center of that field is the zero point in your heart.

Imagine, if you will, that the energy and information flowing out from your heart is shaping and influencing your physical life experience. Remember we talked about how the body perceives energy and information, and sends it to the brain, which then creates the 3D holographic experience we call our life.

And yes, the body and brain are also made up of energy and information in the mind. It's complicated.

Now imagine that 3D holographic image, which is being created by your brain, being sent back through the zero point in the heart, via the toroidal electromagnetic field. Because zero points are infinitely small and exist outside of time and space, the images received can, like Jodie Foster in the movie "Contact", have a transformative experience in what would seem to us to be no time at all.

These images can then emerge, again via the toroidal field, into the mind and be perceived by the body and brain, creating a new 3D holographic image.

This is how "mind over matter", law of attraction, and manifestation actually occurs.

For example, Gregg Braden, who wrote The God Code and many other books about science and spirituality, describes observing a group of Shamanic healers "curing" a woman of cancer. He watched as the tumor, which he could see in an ultrasonic image in real time, disappeared from the woman's body.

The Shaman healers were sending that image through the zero point of the heart to be "corrected" by Source, or who we really are, and replaced with the "healed", whole, or perfect image stored in the blueprint of this woman's soul.

We actually have the power to send any 3D holographic image back to Source through the zero point in the heart, for correction and replacement with the perfect image stored in the blueprint (in-form-ation) of the soul.

Now, I am not saying we will always get results as instant as those from highly skilled and experienced Shamanic healers! But, if we are patient, and persistent, and remember to keep sending the 3D holographic images created by our brains back to Source, they will all, eventually, become "healed" or whole.

How might we do this?

One way you might try right now is to visualize the toroidal heart field surrounding your body. Focus on your heart, and as you breathe in, imagine the energy flowing out and up from your heart and through the crown of your head.

Now, as you breathe out, imagine that energy falling, like a waterfall, all around your body. As you breathe in again, imagine the energy rising back up through your root chakra (or your feet if you are standing), through your heart, and out the top of your head. Keep doing this until you feel a steady even flow of energy and information flowing through your heart and around your body as you continue to breathe.

Notice how you feel as you do this exercise. Do you experience feelings of inner peace, contentment, and well being? You can enhance the effectiveness of the exercise by creating those feelings in your heart as you continue to breathe in and out.

You can also stand or sit with your palms facing out or upward, and imagine golden white light entering through your palms and into your heart to help open the gateway and improve your connection to Source.

In the next newsletter I will talk about a system I use to direct specific 3D images and experiences created by the brain back to Source, through the zero point of the heart, where they can be "healed" or completed with information stored in the soul and the energy of the light of spirit.

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Until next week,

Ilana Moss
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