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Evidence for Why Mind Over Matter is Impossible
September 21, 2016

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September 2016


Last week I decided to go out on a limb and "speak my truth". That is, share what I know, or "have gone through". In ancient Sanskrit, the word for "to know" literally translates as "to go through".

The title of last week's article was "Why Mind Over Matter Is Impossible". And I got a bit of flack for that, as well as some enthusiastic support for my ideas.

These are, after all, ideas. But as we know from the study of metaphysics, what we think and how we feel shapes our physical life experience. Ideas can be very important.

That said, I promised some scientific evidence to support the idea that your mind is not a machine, nor a process. Your mind is also not your brain.

My definition of mind at this time is, "the space and time for all of the thoughts, feelings, ideas and images that make up your physical life experience to exist".

I also pointed out that the heart is much more influential than your brain when it comes to creating that physical reality we call "life".

So what is some of the scientific evidence to support this?

Let's begin with the brain.

If you google "brain activity precedes perception" you will find some research articles, heavily laced with scientific jargon, claiming that activity in the brain can be measured BEFORE an image is projected onto a screen in front of the observer.

How is this possible?

My "theory" is that energy and information in the space/time of mind is picked up by the body and brain, which the brain then translates or transforms into the image which appears in the 3D holographic projection we call "reality".

In other words, your brain is not perceiving your physical reality as much as it is creating it.

But where does the energy and information that precedes this 3D holographic reality come from?

I also talked about the electromagnetic field of your heart. This field is thousands of times more powerful than the field generated by your brain.

The Institute of Heartmath has been able to measure the effects of this field upon the brain, body, and objects outside the body.

What IF this field is somehow projecting energy (substance) and information (forms) into the space/time of your mind. It could, theoretically, be sending signals to the brain that precede, and result in, the formation of the 3D holographic projection we call reality.

I can talk more about where those signals come from next week. For now, let's get back to the brain.

Did you know that babies can spend up to 18 hours per day dreaming - while still in the womb?

What could a baby in the womb possibly be dreaming about?

Again, what IF that field of the heart, which is the first organ to form in the fetus, is sending information and energy to the brain?

What if it is establishing neuropathways - superhighways in the brain - that will allow the child's brain to create a holographic 3D image that is in alignment with the images being created by other human beings in it's family, community, and the world?

In my first example, researchers claim that they have to "filter out" a tremendous amount of brain activity to even detect the perception of an image being shown on a screen to an observer. What is the role and purpose of all that activity? And if that activity precedes perception, what role is it playing in forming the physical reality of an infant or young child?

Just one more thing - I used to work with some guys that were creating "virtual realities" on computers. To create a realistic virtual reality, it had to be programmed from at least seven different points of view, all agreeing upon a coherent set of core values.

Is it possible that our physical reality is a virtual reality? Being created from thousands, or millions, or billions of points of view? All in agreement upon a set of values that get programmed into our brains when we are infants in the womb?

Just sayin'.

My third, and last example, is based upon quantum science and is totally mathematical.

I recently came across a video from the Resonance Project, headed by brilliant theoretical physicist Nassim Haramein.

The video attempts to explain how mathematicians have proven that it is possible for a sphere to turn itself inside out, without creating any holes are breaks in the surface.

You can watch that video on the Metaphysics for Life Facebook page.

So, what does this have to do with your brain, mind over matter, and your heart?

Years ago, while in deep meditation, I was shown how the thoughtforms in the mind are given substance by "feeling" - or Love based Truth, or the Light of Spirit (depending upon your belief system and frame of reference - it's all energy).

This "energy" or "light" is made up of infinite spheres of light. And I was shown how the brain, which is a brilliant mathematical device, is able to turn that energy and information "inside out" to reveal what we experience as physical reality or "matter".

All of this happens within, and makes possible, the space/time of your mind. But your mind has nothing to do with it.

That electromagnetic field of the heart I mentioned earlier has a source. It emerges from a zero point, or "event horizon", located in the area of your heart.

That zero point or event horizon contains all the information and energy creating the field, your brain, your body, and therefore your physical life experience.

So then, what IS that zero point in your heart??

That will have to wait until next week :-)

I do hope you are enjoying these long, informative, and I hope entertaining, articles!

Until next week,

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
Metaphysics for Life

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