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A quick technique that connects heart and mind.
October 26, 2016

Welcome To Offramp Updates
October 2016


Last week I said I would start talking about the metaphysics of money in this newsletter.

However, since it's the last week of the month, I have decided to share a simple and powerful practice I have been using recently to apply the principles we learned about in the last few newsletters. If you would like to revisit them, you can use the link at the bottom of this email, or visit my blog at

It all began when I stepped out on a limb and said that Mind Over Matter is not possible. I got a few unsubscribes from that one! But as we looked at the nature of mind and matter, it became obvious why I had to say it.

In the end, it comes down to how we define mind and matter. If we define mind as the brain, then what goes on inside the mind and what exists "outside" would be separate.

If we define mind as the space and time that contains all the thoughts, feelings, ideas and images that make up our physical life experience, then we have a definition that overcomes the illusion of separation.

I also talked about the source of the energy and information that we know, scientifically, is what matter is made of. While we do not yet have technology that can directly access or measure this source, we can study the effects. This is where quantum physics and heart intelligence - or science and spirituality if you prefer - meet.

Finally, I talked about "closing the feedback loop of creation". This is where I came up with the simple practice I'm going to share with you in just a moment.

The feedback loop of creation consists of energy and information generated by the infinite zero points that make up the space/time of the mind. Remember, there is only ONE zero point existing simultaneously in infinite points of space and time.

The zero point in your heart is your anchor to Source. It's what allows you to have a unique life experience within the zero point field. It's also an "event horizon". Energy and information flows through that event horizon, from Source to Mind, and Mind to Source.

So, here is how I have been completing that feedback loop - and creating some wonderful experiences of inner peace and well being.

First, take a moment to create "heart coherence". It's always a good idea to do that, any time, anywhere. Just focus on your heart, take a few slow, deep breaths, and think of something that creates feelings of gratitude, appreciation, or contentment.

Next, think about or look at something in your environment that bothers you. Pick something that's not too disturbing to make the next step easier.

Imagine breathing that image into your heart. As you do this say, "I am so sorry, please forgive me." This is the first half of the Ho'opono'pono prayer. Saying this is empowering, because it allows us to take responsibility for what we are creating in our minds.

Next, breathe out slowly and say, "Thank you. I love you." Allow yourself to feel gratitude and inner peace as you do this.

What you are doing in this exercise is returning an image in your mind, that your brain has given substance to with fear based beliefs, back to Source for completion. You don't have to worry about the thoughts or beliefs that created it. As you begin to give substance to the images in your mind with gratitude and love your experience of them will begin to shift.

This may or may not happen quickly. But if it makes you feel better, it will connect your head and your heart. And that can lead to new insights, intuition, inspiration, or other inner resources that can help change whatever was bothering you.

So far, this exercise has been helping me make changes in my diet, stop eating sugar, exercise more, resolve conflicts in relationships, and have more peace around money (which I will talk about next time, I promise!).

All it takes is breathing, and some mindful awareness, and it's possible to shift our physical life experience into a more peaceful, happy, and healthy reality.

I would love to hear your stories if you decide to give this a try!

Go to the Metaphysics for Life Facebook page to leave a comment, or you can reply to this email if you prefer privacy.

Until next week,

Ilana Moss
Heartcompass Enterprises
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