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A story I have never told in public.
December 15, 2016

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December 2016


The "Christ" in Christmas

A little over 2000 years ago, a young Jewish Rabbi named Yeshuah ben Joseph (ben means "son of" in Hebrew) came to Earth to create a Mind With Heart.

If I am offending anyone here, please bear with me just a moment!

Yeshuah (aka Jesus) might be the first human to live an entire lifetime consciously connected to God.

We all have this connection, as Yeshuah would be the first to insist. But very few - if any? - can maintain an active and conscious connection throughout their entire life.

Jesus/Yeshuah was here to "anchor" the zero point in the human heart that connects us to God.

We are all familiar with people who were the first to accomplish something that had never been done before; athletes, inventors, entrepreneurs, pioneers. Before these brave humans come along to think new thoughts, and go where no one has gone before, the rest of us are limited by our beliefs.

When one human being thinks, feels, and does something for the first time it affects everyone.

When Yeshuah ben Josesph connected his heart and mind to God in a way that had never been accomplished before, he paved the way for the rest of us to follow.

How do I "know" this?

To explain, I must share a story with you that I have never told in public before now.

Back in 2001, when I attended Easter services with close friends, I received a strange text message on my brand new cell phone.

There were no words, just a phone number: 999-999-9999

I tried to call back, but of course no such number exists.

My intuition told me to spend some time outside in nature that day. That was easy to do on a beautiful spring day!

So I went to the dog park and hung out by the creek. As I watched the dogs running, and their owners talking, I started to feel a bit strange.

A voice told me to "watch this". The air started to "move" around everything, but I could see it. Then I realized I was looking at light.

I was seeing the Light of Spirit that flows into, through, and connects all things.

Before that experience I "knew" everything was connected. But now I could "feel" it as well.

Later that day, the voice in my head claimed to be Yeshuah. He said he sent me the message on my phone. And he said he was going to teach me how to create a "Mind With Heart".

I wrote 'Mind With Heart' down on an index card and set it on my desk, leaning it against the desklamp so the light would shine on it. That card remained there until the day I left that house.

Today, I don't need the card. I know what "A Mind With Heart" is, and I understand what Yeshuah/Jesus came here to do.

When we celebrate Christmas we celebrate the return of the Light.

In Judaism, we light the menorah, which is what Yeshuah would have done when he was alive in a body. He is still alive, of course. Just not in a body.

The menorah holds 9 candles. Nine is the number of "completion". Lighting all nine candles therefore can symbolize our full, or "complete", return to the Light of Spirit and our connection to God.

What we call "Christ Consciousness" is this awareness; that connecting the head and the Heart will make us aware of the Light of Spirit in all things, connecting us to Source, God, and Who We Really Are.

I hope you will join me as you put lights on the tree and on the house, and light the candles in the menorah.

Remember that it was a young Rabbi named Yeshuah ben Joseph, later known as Jesus, who lived more than 2000 years ago. He came to make it possible for us to see the Light of Spirit in this world as we connect our hearts and minds, and remember our relationship with God.

Have a very Happy Holiday, Christmas, and Hanukkah. There will be no Offramp Updates next week, but I will see you again before the New Year!

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Until next week,

Ilana Moss
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