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Phase One Is Complete
June 15, 2020

Welcome To Offramp Updates
Week of June 15 2020

Phase One Is Complete

Hello Dear Friend!

Whether you are a new friend, or an old one, I'm so very glad you are here!

The caterpillar has shed it's skin, and we are living in the Chrysalis. Phase One is complete

Each of us plays a role in the body of the Chrysalis, and it's time to find your place, to align yourself with some aspect of the image that will become the emerging butterfly.

You might think you don't have time for this, you have a family to care for, or you have no idea where to start. Or, you might already know who you are, what role you are meant to play, but have no idea how that's going to happen.

Don't worry. All that is needed at this time is to fully connect with the Heart.

If you already have a practice that connects you with your Heart and Inner Guidance, just take a moment during that practice and simply ask, what role can you play to support the emergance of the Human Butterfly. The Human Butterfly is like the Human Mind, Heart, Soul, etc. It is the holographic image that is you, and contains you, and all of Humanity.

A quick and easy practice is the HeartMath quick coherence technique. Focus on your Heart, take a few deep slow breaths, and create feelings of love and gratitude in your Heart. You can think of someone or something you love and care about, or remember a time when you experienced those feelings.

Another way is to train your Mind to access your Heart and turn fear based beliefs into Love Based Truth. To learn how to Create A Mind With Heart go to Metaphysics for Life and get a free ebook and find out how to take the online course.

When you connect your Mind and Heart and remember Who You Are, you will be Divinely Guided to play a life-giving role in the transformation of Humanity. Take action, and offer gratitude for all the gifts that will show up in your life as a result.

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With Love and Gratitude,

Ilana Moss
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