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Living In The Chrysalis
June 11, 2020

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Thursday June 11 2020

Living In The Chrysalis

Hello Dear Friend!

Whether you are a new friend or old, I'm so glad you are here!

Many years ago I started a business called "Magic Moment Butterflies". I raised and released thousands of butterflies for special events. The business only lasted a few years, but what I learned from the experience changed my life forever.

Anyone who studies spiritual development will eventually come across the metaphor of the caterpillar and the butterfly. The caterpillar represents the "ego" phase of development, and the butterfly represents an "enlightened" stage of awareness.

But what about the chrysalis? To get from the caterpillar to the butterfly there has to be a period of transformation - a period of stillness when the old forms and structures dissolve and are used as raw materials to create new forms and structures.

When I say "stillness" I mean it looks quiet from the outside. But on the inside? On the inside there's way more going on than we might observe in the life of the caterpillar or even the butterfly. The chrysalis stage, which seems to be hanging there doing nothing, is actually the most active stage of the entire process.

Humanity has entered the Chrysalis stage of it's collective development.

The "ego" phase, which has been all about consumption and growth, reached it's peak when we tapped in, collectively, to the energy of fossil fuels. The "butterfly" phase, which is about creativity and connection, will be fueled by the energy of the zero point field - an infinite field of energy and information from which we can create unlimited resources.

When I asked Source how long we will be in the Chrysalis phase - because, of course, being human, I am anxious to become a butterfly - I was told to "look it up".

I did, and found out that it takes 10-14 days for the Chrysalis to become a butterfly. But what does a "day" mean in this context?

I was "told" that each "day" represents an area of human society that needs to be dissolved and rebuilt to complete the transformation. These 14 "days" (as given to me) are:

1 Energy - Zero Point
2 Food - Regenerative
3 Water - Prayer
4 Housing - Tiny and/or Earthship
5 Transportation - ET
6 Health - Vibration
7 Communications - Quantum
8 Education - Experience
9 Spirituality/Consciousness - Heart
10 Politics - Sovereignty
11 Science - Metaphysics
12 Art - Nature
13 Music - 432
14 Dance/Sports - Beauty/Co-operation

I noticed, after I was given the list, that money was missing. I asked why, and was told that "economics" would be replaced by measurements of success and well being in each of the fourteen categories. Caterpillars munch on leaves, which the plant needs to create energy and growth. Butterflies sip on nectar, which plants produce to attract pollinators, leading to the creation of fruits. In a similar way, our "economy" will create more life, not consume it.

Each of us is playing a part in the total transformation of Humanity. Some of us are cells of organs that are being dismantled and re-organized into new structures and functions. Some of us are part of the teams carrying out the transformation. Some might be playing the role of the skin that protects the Chrysalis during the transformation. There are many, many roles to play!

Whatever part each of us plays, try to remember that we can't all play the same role. Try to be open minded and forgiving of those who seem to be creating problems and chaos. They might be performing an essential function - one that causes crumbling of old forms, and creation of resources and energy to create new forms.

I look forward to the emergence of the Human Butterfly. While I hope it happens in my lifetime, there's no way to know for certain exaclty how long in Earth "days" or years it might require. In the meantime, take a moment each day to connect with Source and ask for guidance.

Remember to breathe, focus on your Heart, and say to your Self "I Am One".

With Love and Gratitude,

Ilana Moss
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