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Living In The Chrysalis: "Day" Two - Regenerative Agriculture
July 27, 2020

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Week of July 27 2020

Living In The Chrysalis:
"Day" Two - Regenerative Agriculture

Hello Dear Friend!

Whether you are a new friend, or an old one, I'm so very glad you are here!

Back in June I wrote to you about the nature of our current situation - that collective Human consciousness is going through a transformation from the "ego" phase (caterpillar) to a more Enlightened Awareness (the Butterfly) and that we are currently living in the Chrysalis.

When I wrote that newsletter I asked for inner guidance, and was told that the Chrysalis would last 14 "Days". Each "Day" being an aspect of human society that needs to be dissolved and restructured to support the life of the Butterfly.

Those 14 "Days" are:

1 Energy - Zero Point
2 Food - Regenerative
3 Water - Prayer
4 Housing - Tiny and/or Earthship
5 Transportation - ET
6 Health - Vibration
7 Communications - Quantum
8 Education - Experience
9 Spirituality/Consciousness - Heart
10 Politics - Sovereignty
11 Science - Metaphysics
12 Art - Nature
13 Music - 432hz
14 Dance/Sports - Beauty/Co-operation

Last week we looked further into Zero Point Energy and how to make the transition on a personal level. Today, I'm going to cheat a little and share the pages I wrote for what I hope will be a new book. I was only going to share the unedited, raw pages with my Patreon patrons, but I only have one so far and I feel it's urgent to have this info available now to anyone who wants it.

Don't worry, it's only a couple of pages, so I will just paste it into this newsletter. You can also watch an 18 minute live video I recorded this morning on Facebook (sorry, I didn't want to use YouTube for this one) commenting on the nature of the micro biome we live in, and why the policies and actions being taken right now to deal with the current health crisis are all wrong. I look forward to getting your feedback, thanks!

Facebook Live: Why I DO Care!

The Spiritual Life of Butterflies Living In The Chrysalis Chapter Two - “Day” Two – Regenerative Agriculture

Our bodies do not end at the outer layer of our skin. We live in an ocean of life, filled with energy and information. One of the things we will learn while going through the Chrysalis phase of spiritual development is that many of the things in our environment that we thought were enemies, are actually our friends. This includes the much maligned virus, which is actually a little packet of information, created within the body, then expelled into the air to travel and inform other bodies. It's just one of trillions of mechanisms used by nature to maintain homeostasis.

The vast majority of the life that our bodies interact with is in the form of microbes. Countless little critters, each with a job to do, and each fully informed by the infinite intelligence of the zero point field. Remember, the space/time that is your Mind is made of infinite zero points, each one radiating energy and information, creating the zero point field that is the essence of what our consciousness perceives.

This veritable army of tiny beings are hard at work, twenty four seven, breaking down, moving, and transforming the stuff of which our physical bodies are made. Of course, at it's essence, everything is energy and information. The vast, planetary being which is the micro biome manages and directs that energy and information to create the conditions for life.

Regenerative Agriculture is a form of agriculture that respects the micro biome, and recognizes the role it plays in creating a healthy mind, body and spirit. Recently, most of us have become aware of the role that our gut biome plays in creating health. The “gut biome” of our planet is the soil. The regeneration of healthy soil is the foundation of Regenerative Agriculture.


Regeneration doesn't end with soil and agriculture. The food we eat, when grown in healthy soils, creates the conditions we require for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and transformation.

Think about it. If the food you put in your body has an “incoherent” energy field (which it will if grown under our current industrial agricultural system) it will disrupt the coherence of your own energy field and require resources to correct it – resources that could be put to use creating health and awareness. Foods grown in healthy, regenerative soils will contain energy and information to enhance, support and strengthen your own coherence and your ability to access the infinite energy, information, and inner guidance available through the zero point in your Heart.

This applies to all of Humanity, and it is essential to the successful transformation from the ego phase (caterpillar) to the enlightened phase (Butterfly) through the Chrysalis.

You might be wondering why Regenerative Agriculture isn't “Day” One, instead of the zero point? After all, if a regenerative diet is essential to accessing God/Source/HigherSelf through the zero point, shouldn't it come first? That's a great question. And the answer is, Regenerative Agriculture is a form of what we call Permaculture – and Permaculture is based upon observation, stillness, and the ability to receive inner guidance and make adjustments.

Science, evidence and mentoring from an experienced farmer are good ways to get started, and it's enough to create foods that will work for us for now. But eventually, once we have learned to create A Mind with Heart and function in full awareness all of the time, the quality and quantity of nourishment we will be able to create with Regenerative Agriculture will be something we could not imagine in the ego/caterpillar stage of development.

Humans in the Butterfly stage will be a blessing to Earth that is beyond our imagination at this time. Our ability to foster and create life will bring about an explosion of diversity never before seen on this – or any other – planet. At the Heart of this ability is accessing the zero point and connecting directly to God/Source/HigherSelf. The first thing we will be guided to do is to regenerate the soils of Earth, and in that way restore the coherent energy field Earth needs to be healthy and create more life.

Next week, we'll explore a little more deeply into "Day" Three - Water, and the power of Prayer on Water.

If you missed "Day" Two, you might want to visit Metaphysics for Life and read about The Zero Point Perspective (it blew my mind, and I'm the one who "wrote" it!). - The Zero Point Perspective

With Love and Gratitude,

Ilana Moss,
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