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Living In The Chrysalis: "Day" One - Zero Point Energy
July 20, 2020

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Week of July 20 2020

Living In The Chrysalis: "Day" One - Zero Point Energy

Hello Dear Friend!

Whether you are a new friend, or an old one, I'm so very glad you are here!

Last week we talked more about the 14 "Days" or stages of development that must occur in the Chrysalis - the period of metamorphosis we are going through now as part of the collective Human consciousness. If you haven't watched the video where I go into this in more detail, it's available on the Mind With Heart channel on YouTube.

YouTube Live - Living In The Chrysalis - Summer 2020

Yesterday (Sunday, July 19th) I hopped on YouTube live for a while to ramble on a bit about "Day" One, which is about replacing our current energy systems with Zero Point Energy.

Watch - Living In The Chrysalis: "Day" One - Zero Point Energy

If we stick with the metaphor of the caterpillar and butterfly, we observe that caterpillars eat the part of the plant that is needed for the plant's growth and survival. This is similar to what humans have been doing on Earth for thousands of years - consuming resources that are vital to the survival of all life on Earth. But once it becomes a butterfly, it will sip nectar - a form of energy designed specifically by the plant to attract pollinators, which results in the production of fruits and more life.

Zero Point Energy is like the nectar of life. Consuming it leads to the creation of more life. That is how our entire Universe operates, and we are on the verge of becoming a part of the creation of new life.

When I talk about "consuming" zero point energy, I'm not just talking about fueling our economy, or our cars and devices and homes. To find out how you can become a ZPE sipper you can read about the Zero Point Perspective of Consciousness at Metaphysics for Life. The YouTube video is also embeded on that page if you don't want to go to YouTube to watch. - The Zero Point Perspective

Next week, we'll explore a little more deeply into "Day" Two - Food and Regenerative Agriculture. Just like zero point energy, there's much more to Regenerative than meets the eye!

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