Vol. 1 No. 39

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In This Month's issue -

* HeartCompass Quotes

* HeartCompass Secrets: What Is Gratitude?

* LifeNavigation Tip: What Are You Grateful For?

* This Week's Featured Videos: Science of Motivation

HeartCompass Quotes:

Appreciation takes courage and considerable resolve. It's the high road, and not everyone is willing to take it. . You are saying no to blame, to resentment, to revenge, to violence in any form-from badmouthing others, to kicking the dog, to berating a person. You are saying no to victimhood, to martyrdom, to passing the buck, to criticism , and to demeaning yourself or others.

-- The Power of Appreciation by Noelle C. Nelson

The greatest possession we have costs nothing. It is known as Love.

-- Annonymous


If you live in the U.S.A., like I do, you are most likely celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving with friends and/or family.

Thanksgiving: a day set aside for the giving of thanks for the things we appreciate.

Whoa! Was that "a day"? ONE day? Per year?!

Come on! Is that really the best we can do?

One day, per year, set aside for what is without a doubt the most powerful tool we all possess for connecting with each other, for creating inner peace, health and well being, and for creating a life of joy and abundance.

One day...

OK, I know that the American holiday of Thanksgiving was created to commemorate a historical event - the arrival of Europeans in the New World. Not everyone would agree that this event was one to be grateful for. But I'm not going to debate that here...

The truth is, as time passes, the historical context of the holiday is gradually lost. It has been replaced by the importance of gathering with others to share the abundance. An abundance, not just of food, but of each other and what each person brings to the table.

Many who are alone are invited to join others at the table. Those who may not have enough food can find a feast at their local church or pantry. It is a time when people make the effort to reach out, connect, and help one another.

And that takes us to the true meaning and power of Gratitude.

In the movie "Pieces of April" (you can see it on the main character attempts to explain the story of Thanksgiving to an Asian family that lives in her apartment building. She begins with the usual historical version of Europeans landing in America struggling to survive the first winter, and receiving food and help from the Native Americans.

Finally, she gives up the attempt and sums it up this way:

"Thanksgiving", says April "Is the day when everyone finally realizes that they can't do it alone. It's when we finally realize that we need each other."

That one line made the whole movie worthwhile for me (I do recommend watching it). April summed up in one line the true meaning and power of Gratitude: it's when we finally understand that we can't do it alone, that we are not alone, and that we really do need each other.

Gratitude is the key that opens the gateway of the Heart and allows us to connect with each other. Gratitude opens the Heart and lets us see what we have with eyes of Love. Gratitude is what we feel when we replace our false fear-based beliefs with Love-based Truth from the Heart.

Today, I am most Grateful to have this opportunity to sit down and share this issue of Heartcompass Secrets with you! You may have noticed there was no issue last month. I have been very, very busy!

If you would like to see what I've been working on since last February, check out You will find over 50 pages of information, videos, links and more to help you understand and apply Metaphysics to your life.

You can go straight to the page on "Gratitude" if you click here.

This month's LifeNav Tip is a meditation. This is one I created for myself as I attempt to visualize something called the "Resource Based Economy". It's an economy that asks, "Do we have the resources to do this?" and replaces the money-based economy which asks, "Do we have the money to do this?" We really do have all the resources we need to create a life of bundance and peace for everyone on the planet, and save the planet at the same time. But we need to create an entirely new vision - in our minds, and especially in our Hearts!


This meditation creates an experience of gratitude for all the people in our lives who make it possible for us to experience the incredible abundance of our current society...

First, look around at all the things you appreciate in your life right now. These "things" can include the people and pets that you live with and love every day.

Next, as you look around again, take a moment to visualize where all the things you use and need every day come from. Imagine all the people it took to create, manufacture, and deliver these things to you (this can be food, clothing, appliances, your home, car, electronics, decorations and artwork, etc. It also includes people and pets, who needed the care and help of others to be here with you today.)

Now, repeat the process, this time including the exchange of money between people as they create, manufacture, and deliver these things to you. Got the whole picture now? Good!

Next, you are going to repeat the process - but backwards! This is important, follow closely...

First, begin at the end, imagining all the people who helped create, manufacture and deliver everything you have today, and the exchange of money in the process. Now, remove the exchange of money. Keep everything else the same - do not stop the people from doing what they do. Just remove the money exchange.

Look around. Do you still have all the things you want, need and appreciate? yes, you do.

Next, remove the people from the visualization. What happens?

Look around. Do you still have all the wonderful things that people create, build and deliver? No! It's all gone!!

What does this visualization prove to us? It's simple: We don't need money. We need each other!

At first, it is very difficult to imagine people creating and giving things without the exchange of money. But with practice, it becomes easier and more obvious. In fact, science has proven that money is not the economic motivator we believe it to be.

To understand how this works, check out the video "Surprising Science of Motivation" from TED Talks...

and of course, a very Happy Thanks-Giving!

Featured Video: Daniel Pink: Surprising Science of Motivation

If you don't see the video below, click on this link to watch it at (scroll to bottom of page when you get there!)

Or, click this link to watch on YouTube...

Next Month: More Quotes, Secrets, and Tips!

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