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Here's What I Promised You
July 06, 2020

Welcome To Offramp Updates
Week of July 5 2020

What I Promised

Hello Dear Friend!

Whether you are a new friend, or an old one, I'm so very glad you are here!

Watch a half hour video that goes into more depth, and explains how you can create Love Based Truth for yourself...

YouTube Live - Sending Love Based Truth

Last week I invited our readers to send me their stories. Dozens took me up on the offer. Here is what I did with them...

First, I created a folder and put them all in there together. Next, I opened them one by one and started to read.

As I read each email, I practiced Ho'oponopono (I am a certified practioner) - a spiritual practice that clears or "cleans" any negative thoughts and feelings I might encounter as I am reading. This is a simple technique anyone can learn and apply to keep themselves "clean and clear" as they encounter others who may be experiencing stress or challenges.

An interesting side effect of this particular technique is that it has a positive, healing effect upon the "other" person as well. The metaphysical explanation for this is that whatever you experience is in your Mind and is a part of who you are. Heal that part of yourself, and you heal the "other" which is also a part of you.

When you practice Ho'oponopono, or HeartMath, or any other technique that opens the Heart, you connect to Source/God/HigherSelf. While reading the emails, I did both - Heart Coherence techniques, and Ho'oponopono. The best indicator I know of for detemining when the Heart is connected to Source/God/HigherSelf is when we experience feelings of inner peace and contentment. These feelings have some of the highest energy frequency signatures that can be measured.

When the Heart is open and connected to Source/God/HigherSelf it becomes an open Gateway. With the Gateway open, I move to the next step. After I have read the entire email (while practicing the techniques to clear, clean, and connect to the Heart) I then close my eyes, focus on my Heart and take a nice, long deep breath into my Heart.

While breathing in, I ask that all fear based beliefs that are creating the experience I read about in the email be sent back through the Gateway to Source/God/Higher self, where they will be converted or transformed into Love Based Truth. I then breath out slowly, asking that the Love Based Truth take the places where the fear based beliefs had been. While doing this, I DO NOT imagine that the fear based beliefs are being replaced in the other person...only in the email which is a part of my experience and my Mind. This is important to remember, because it is not proper spiritual behavior to mess with other people's Minds!

I would continue this work on each email until it felt complete, and then move on to the next. While you might think that this is hard "work" and would be exhausting, the opposite is true! Creating Heart Coherence, cleaning and clearing the Mind, and flowing Love Based Truth through the Heart are all wonderful, refreshing experiences. Kind of like taking a walk in nature, or going for a swim.

I LOVE doing this for people, and if you would like to reply to this email with your story ( I will never share your name, email address or story with anyone else, ever ) it would be my pleasure to try these techniques for you as well! Like I said before, there seems to be some kind of "entanglement" effect which heals the "other" person when I do the work in and on myself. I can't promise any results, but it doesn't hurt to try, and writing down and sharing what's happening in your life right now can be helpful all by itself.

Another option is to do this work yourself. You might first have to learn how to connect with Source/God/HigherSelf using Ho'oponopono, HeathMath, taking a walk in nature, meditation, or some other techniques. Once you know how to do that, try writing down something that is happening in your life. Read it, connect with your Heart, breathe the fear based beliefs creating that experience through your Heart and back to Source/God/HigherSelf. Imagine the beliefs being turned into Love Based Truth, then breathe the Love Based Truth into your life experience. Rinse and repeat.

If you want to turn this practice into a sub-conscious program on "auto-pilot", simply repeat it every day for at least 21 days. Do it for a total of 7 minutes per day - two or three minutes in the morning, two or three minutes before bed, and another two or three minutes after lunch. You don't have to write down your life experience each time. Simply breathe into your Heart, asking that any fear based beliefs creating your life experience be returned to Source/God/HigherSelf to be replaced with Love Based Truth. Then breathe that Love Based Truth out, into your life experience.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for helping me conduct this experiment!

Watch the YouTube video, recorded live this morning, that goes into more detail about this process...

With Love and Gratitude,

Ilana Moss,
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