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Solstice Inspirations
June 22, 2020

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Week of June 21 2020

Solstice Inspirations

Hello Dear Friend!

Whether you are a new friend, or an old one, I'm so very glad you are here!

What do the Summer Solstice, the New Moon, and a Solar Eclipse all have in common?

If you said they all happened at the same time (more or less) this past weekend, you are correct.

But of course, as always, there is something much deeper going on.

The Solstice, New Moon, and Solar Eclipse are all dependent upon our position - the position of Earth - in space. They are symbolic moments of alignment. And they represent extreme expressions of the contrast between dark and Light.

All of this is happening on Earth, as a whole, and within each of us in our individual points of view. I am writing this from the Northern Hemisphere, but if you are experiencing life in the Southern Hemisphere the same principles apply.

We are all going through a time of extremes - and alignment. As I mentioned in the two previous issues, Humanity has entered a Chrysalis stage of development. The outer skin that defined the shape and character of Humanity as a whole has been shed. We are all hanging here together, watching everything that has defined who we are fall apart and dissolve, and waiting to see what new organs and structures will develop to take the place of the ones that are gone.

But it is not all darkness and chaos. Far from it. Just like the movements of the Earth, Sun, and Moon, there is a rythm and pattern that creates the experience of darkness, and will ultimately result in the return of order and Light.

But we don't have to passively sit by and watch the show. Unlike the celestial bodies, the "battle" between darkness and light within each of us is determined by our personal choices and actions. It is up to each one of us to align with, move closer to, away from, or obstruct the Light in our own lives.

Last week I received a "download" or vison of where, as the whole of Humanity, we are heading. I'll be exploring that more in future issues!

We can use this time to align ourselves with the future, or try to hold onto the past. This weekend was a demonstration of how powerful the forces of Nature and the Universe really are. We can't control the movements of the Earth through space, the phases of the Moon, or the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth. We can't control the direction of Humanity as a whole. But we do have total control of what goes on within us.

For example, the New Moon is a powerful time of setting new intentions. Our darkest moments are a powerful time to examine our lives and create a new vision for the future, then allow it to reveal itself much like the waxing and waning of the Moon.

The Solstice symbolizes a turning point in the seasons, as the days become shorter or longer depending on the hemisphere. It's also a time when the Sun appears to "stand still" for three days. Just like the Chrysalis that seems to be still as it hangs from a branch or twig. But within the Chrysalis, just as within the Sun, tremendous energy and transformation is taking place. During this time, if we choose to be still, we can experience a shift in perspective and direction, and an inner transformation that results in a whole new way of being and living.

Finally an eclipse - when the New Moon almost, but not entirely, blocks out the light of the sun - represents our darkest moments that can almost, but not entirely, block the Light of God or Source in our Hearts and Minds. These are the times that remind us that we are never alone. Even if we are not reflecting the Light of God in our own lives, that Light is still there, waiting for us to get out of the way so it can reveal itself to us.

All three of these things happened at the same time this weekend, and all of Humanity experienced these energies! What does this mean?

It means that more people than ever will be waking up and realizing that it's time to make a choice. Each of us can choose to work in harmony with the movements of change, revelations, and powerful manifestations that will be taking place in the months and years to come.

Any effort to fight these forces will result in stress and struggle in our personal lives, and could affect the lives of those we love. The only way to know if you are in alignment or not is to stay in touch with your own Heart, God, and Inner Guidance. That doesn't mean it will always be easy, but you will feel empowered and supported when you can keep your Mind connected to the Heart.

If you have a spiritual practice and beliefs that help you connect Mind and Heart, now is a good time to start a daily practice (if you don't already). You can learn how to create A Mind With Heart at Metaphysics for Life. Or you can search online for other options.

There has never been a more powerful moment in human history than now to remember who you really are and to fully embody the potential that is within all of us! Seize the Moment, take action, and enjoy the magic that will happen as the seasons and stages of your own life unfold in harmony with the whole of Humanity!

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With Love and Gratitude,

Ilana Moss
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