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There is only one fear-based belief.
June 08, 2020

Welcome To Offramp Updates
Week of June 7 2020

There Is Only One Fear-based Belief

Hello Friend!

Whether you are a new friend or old, I'm so glad you are here!

I'm sending this email, hoping it finds you well and that it will connect with you and help bring you closer to Who You Really Are. Enjoy!

From my Heart:

There is only one fear-based belief - the belief that we are separate.

Separate from God, separate from each other, separate from an invisible enemy that we gave a name which I won't mention here because I want this email to be delivered.

This one fear based belief is at the core of, and is giving substance to, everything we are experiencing here, together, in the Mind.

It is giving substance to every thought in the Mind, to every image, idea, and feeling we experience.

This one fear based belief is essential to the creation of physical experience, or what we call the world. We are unwilling and unable to give up this belief because it would mean the end of the world as we know it.

Fortunately, for us, it's not our job, our responsibility, or even within our ability, to give up this belief. So we don't have to.

Take a deep breath.

Focus on your Heart.

Think about someone or something that you love and care about.

You are now in direct contact with The One, with God, with the True Source of All That Is.

I know... for thousands of years we have been told that it's not possible to have direct contact with God, or that God doesn't exist, or that we have to study, meditate, practice, take hallucinagenic drugs, etc. and then maybe, if we are really good and pure, then maybe we could have a direct relationship with God.


God is in Us, in everything we experience because there is no thing "separate" from Us, and it is God that turned Love Based Truth inside out to create fear based belief, and the ability to have a physical life experience.

Who the heck else is there to do it?? Right.

As I sit here typing this, I am downloading and accessing this info for the first time for myself as well. Writing this email to you, I am writing it to myself. But if We are One, and All is Connected, what's the purpose of writing and sending an email?

The Truth is, as I receive this and as I write it, everyone is receiving it because we are All One. If I don't publish it, someone else will, so I might as well just send it :-)

The one fear based belief - that we are separate - is being turned right side out again at it's source, and it's changing the way we experience the world.

The belief that we are separate is a Love Based Truth that has been turned inside out in the Mind to create Illusion of Separation and allow us to have a physical life experience. That Love Based Truth is knowing that I Am One.

To know means "to go through". As the fear based belief that we are separate is turned right side out, and we experience the Love Based Truth of I Am One, we begin to remember who we really are and start creating the world that mirrors that Truth...together.

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Thank You, I Love You,

Ilana Moss
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