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A Force of Nature..A Force Within! (time sensitive - open now)
August 19, 2020

Welcome To Offramp Updates
Week of August 17 2020

A Force of Nature... A Force Within!

Hello Dear Friend!

Whether you are a new friend, or an old one, I'm so very glad you are here!

I'm working on the next chapter of Life In The's about water. And it's not what you might think!

In the meantime, here is the most important and most inspiring documentary film you might ever see in your life! It's being massively censored, so I uploaded it to My Drive - where it has been flagged for abuse! To see what they don't want you to see, try to copy and paste this url directly into your browser:

If it asks you to "subscribe" simply enter your email can unsubscribe later. Worth it, I promise <3

Watch all the way til the end for the beautiful and uplifting spiritual and metaphysical message.

Good luck!

With Love and Gratitude,

Ilana Moss,
Metaphysics for Life
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