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Day Three of Living In The Chrysalis - Water!
August 26, 2020

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Week of August 24 2020

Day Three of Living In The Chrysalis - Water!

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Whether you are a new friend, or an old one, I'm so very glad you are here!

This week's Offramp Updates is Chapter Three of "Living In The Chrysalis": Day Three - Water.

I'm not an expert on water. In fact, I know very little. But what I have learned from my brief exploration so far has inspired me to look much, much more deeply into this vital area of our lives!

If you missed the Offramp Updates issue about Living In The Chrysalis, and what that means for Humanity and what we are going through at this time, you can catch up by visiting the Back Issues page at Metaphysics for Life.

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You can read Chapter Three of Living In The Chrysalis right here, or you can go to Metaphysics for Life and download the pdf version.

Metaphysics For Life: Living In The Chrysalis

Thanks for reading, and I hope it helps you navigate as we make our way together through this tunnel of transformation of the collective Human Consciousness!

The Spiritual Life of Butterflies

Living In The Chrysalis – “Day” Three Chapter Three: Water

What Is Water?

Water is so ubiquitous to life that it might seem ludicrous to ask such a question. But what, exactly, IS water?

Much like the fish that live in the ocean, it is not possible to observe water objectively, because without it we are not alive. Most of us tend to think of water as something we drink from a glass, or add to other ingredients to prepare soup, use to wash our bodies, clothing, and cars, or sprinkle on the garden to grown our food. But water is actually everywhere - in us, on us, and outside of us - all of the time.

Technically, water is made up of H2O molecules; two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, joined together is a very specific configuration. But it is not the molecular structure of water that gives it the unique qualities that make life possible on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe.

Water is the great, unifying substance of the Universe that receives, carries, records and transmits all the energetic frequencies that create life. Anything that has water in it, is alive. Hydrogen, which is the simplest atomic form in the Universe, consisting of one electron vibrating around one proton, is the energetic equivalent of fire. Oxygen is the energetic equivalent of air. Together, they make water. Fire + Air = Water = Life.

What role does water actually play in our bodies, and the bodies of all life forms? We know that without it, living things shrivel and die. But what does water actually do to keep us alive?

There is the very basic function of being a solvent. Water provides a fluid environment through which other substances can move and conduct business. What most of us don't realize is that it also provides a medium through which all forms of life can communicate. Water is a conductor and storage unit for electromagnetic energy and information that is being broadcast into it by the things it comes into contact with, both living and non-living. The nature of this energy and information is then transmitted to the life forms that drink, swim, breath and bathe in it.

This critical bit of knowledge has been a part of ancient human wisdom and philosophy going back almost as long as humans have been on the Earth. But it has been lost in recent times, to our great detriment, and to even greater detriment of all life on Earth.

Too many humans have forgotten the role that water actually plays in our lives, both physically and spiritually. The damage we have done, and continue to do, goes far beyond pollution, plastics in the oceans, and climate change. The way we treat water - the way we store it, move it, and use it in industry and manufacturing - traumatizes the water. And when we ingest it through drinking, showering, breathing, and even swimming, we absorb the energy of that trauma into our own bodies and minds.

But there is something we can do about, not just for our own health and well being, but for all of Humanity and the planet a well.

In quantum physics, there is a phenomenon known as “quantum entanglement”. This was demonstrated when a single photon particle was split in two and the two particles were then placed miles apart. Anything that was done to one of the particles simultaneously affected the "twin". The good news is, all water in the Universe is "entangled", having arisen from the One Source. In other words, we don't have to change the energy and information of every water molecule on the planet - we can change just one, and it will affect all the others. When we transform the vibrational structure of all water on Earth, we transform all life on Earth.


Now, you might be wondering, what can just one person do, while billions are still abusing water across the planet? The truth is, this is not a "one and done" solution. It needs to become a habit, and a new way of life. It is also true that the vibrations of Love, Compassion, Joy, and Enlightenment are so many times more powerful than fear, anger, hatred and despair, that just one person who chooses Love can have an enormous effect! (ref. Power v Force, David R. Hawkings MD, PhD, 2002)

Here are some suggestions for how to begin:

Meditation: Yes, that time honored favorite. Why? Because when you meditate, the water in your own body takes on that vibrational structure. That vibration will then be transferred to all the water on Earth through quantum entanglement. Being conscious and aware that this is happening will magnify the effect exponentially!

Prayer: Again, prayer will transform the structure of water in your own body and everywhere water exists on Earth. To be even more effective, keep a glass or bowl of water in front of you as you pray. Send your prayers to that water, and ask that the energy of your loving prayers be shared with all water on Earth.

Art and Music: More and more artists and musicians are beginning to realize the true power of their gift to Humanity and the world! Find artists and musicians who create sacred images and sounds, and place a bowl, vase, or even just a glass of water where it can absorb these frequencies. Ask that the structure of the water be shared with all water on the Earth.

Sacred Sex: If you have a spiritually aware partner, ask them to join you in asking that your Love, and the vibrational structure that Love creates within the water in your bodies, be shared with all water on Earth.

Create A Mind With Heart: This takes a bit more work, but you can join me at Metaphysics for Life: Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and learn how to be in a constant state of Heart Coherence and transforming the energies of the Earth. If you already know how to create Heart Coherence, you can breathe the fear based beliefs that are polluting the structure of water into your Heart, and breath out the Love Based Truth to replace them.

I'm sure you can find other ways to infuse the water in your life with higher vibrations and healthy structures. One "trick" I use is something I learned in Ho'Oponopono. I keep a few blue glass wine bottles and fill them with tap water and place them in sunlight for about an hour each day. I drink all of my water from these bottles, and the "enlightened" blue water helps inform all the water in my body with the vibrations of Love and Light.

To learn what science has to say about water you can watch the videos below. If clicking on the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting the url into your browser.

We have the knowledge! The evidence is there! It's time now to take action!

Water: The Great Mystery Available free to stream on YouTube, or purchase DVD at Amazon

Water Memory: 2014, Nobel Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier

Water, Cells, and Life | Dr. Gerald Pollack | TEDxNewYorkSalon

The bridge between water and life | Dr. Adam D. Wexler | TEDxStendenUniversity

Go to Living In The Chrysalis at Metaphysics for Life to download and read more chapters: Metaphysics For Life: Living In The Chrysalis

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