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Definition of The HeartCompass LifeNavigation System: A combination of scientific, psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, and religious knowledge and techniques that can redirect the mind with inner guidance from the Heart.

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* HeartCompass Secrets: ALL-ONE FOR THE HOLIDAYS
* This Month's Featured Videos: "WE ARE ALL ONE"

HeartCompass Quote:

"If you are afraid of being alone, you are dependent on others for your sense of self, and if you are dependent on others, you block your receptivity to inner guidance. Being willing to be alone involves being willing to be different, to have commitments and values that don’t blend with any crowd."

~~ Ingrid Bacci


All over the world, friends and family come together to celebrate holidays. A holiday celebrated practically everywhere is New Year's Eve.

Here in the state of Oregon, in North America, we've been celebrating one holiday after another - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and in a day or two, New Year's Eve.

Have you ever been alone for the Holidays?

This year, although I have spent lots of time with family and friends, I have also chosen to experiment with being "Allone" for the Holidays. That's right, "All-One". Just one little letter - "L" - makes all the difference in the Universe!

At first, I was a bit concerned about how I might feel when the days actually arrived and I was all-one, while "everyone else" would be with their loved ones. But the days came - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and yes, even Christmas - and I found I didn't feel "alone" at all. Instead, there was a sense of deep peace in the air around me, and I felt connected deeply to the Earth and all forms of life surrounding me, including the billions of humans, most of whom I will never physically meet.

I realize there may be many people alone on the Holidays who seem to have no choice in the matter. There are many reasons why this might happen. But I would like to offer to anyone who finds themselves alone during this season, and even on New Year's Eve, the opportunity to add that missing "L" to "alone" and experience what it feels like to be "All-One".

What is that missing "L"? Well, Love of course!

Feelings of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation are the keys that open the gateway of the Heart. An open Heart is connected to Source, and to All That Is. Experiencing being "All-One" can be one of the deepest, happiest, most peaceful feelings you will ever know.

To experience being "All-One" rather that "alone" during the Holidays, or any day, experiment with some of the LifeNavigation Tips below...and be sure to watch the Featured Videos as well!

Wishing you a Peace-Full, Happy, and Healthy New Year!

THIS MONTH'S LIFENAVIGATION TIP: Creating Feelings of Connection

The experience of "All-One" can be achieved by directing the conscious Mind to the Heart.

The simplest and most pleasurable technique for accomplishing this may be good old Gratitude and Appreciation. If you find yourself struggling to appreciate or be grateful for anything in your life right now, here are some tips for redirecting an unhappy Mind. These tips can also be used for increasing Gratitude and Appreciation, even when you are already feeling happy.

TIP #1 - You're already online reading this, right? Why not check out ButterBeeHappy.com and try the daily Gratitude Journal? It's free, easy to use, and you can subscribe to a daily email reminder if you like. This is an excellent habit to get into, and if you check your email every day (or even every few days) it's nice to have a reminder to stay aware of the things in your life you are grateful for. If you are having trouble feeling grateful, this is a powerful tool for building your Gratitude muscle!

TIP #2 - The HeartMath Institute created a simple and fast technique for achieving Heart Coherence (feelings of Love and Appreciation result in a coherent electromagnetic field emanating from the Heart) they call the FreezeFrame technique. It's easy: Just focus on the area of your Heart. Take a few deep breaths while imagining you are breathing from the Heart. Imagine white light emanating from your Heart. The deep breathing and visualization of light will help to calm the Mind. Now, think of something you Love or appreciate - a person, a pet, a warm sunny day in the park, flowers, music...whatever creates a feeling of joy in your Heart is good. Finally, direct the feelings of Love and Appreciation you have created in your Heart to whatever it was that created stress (or made you feel alone and lonely). Feel the Love in your Heart heal whatever it was that bothers you. If you would like to know more about HeartMath and the Global Coherence Project visit The Institute of HeartMath.

TIP #3 - Last, but not least, the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System will allow you to identify and remove false fear-based beliefs, and replace them with Love-based Truth from the Heart. The iCourse is now available as an eCourse - delivered to your email inbox every day for five days. The eCourse has recent notes and updates not included in the iCourse. It also has instructions for downloading the eBook "Your Heartcompass Owner's Manual". Redirecting the Mind to the Heart results in feelings of inner peace and connection. Feeling connected is the number one source of happiness. Feeling connected will create that experience of "All-One" instead of "alone". If you haven't learned the Heartcompass LifeNavigation System yet, or want the eCourse version for free, visit the Free Gifts Page on Metaphysics-for-Life.com now.

There are many more ways to experience A Mind With Heart, and create feelings of connectedness and oneness in your life. Explore the videos on A Mind With Heart's YouTube channel. Visit Metaphysics-for-Life often - today you might want to check out the page "Attitude of Gratitude" for links to gratitude quotes, videos, and other resources.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the Featured Videos below. I hope they will help increase your feelings of connection and awareness that we really are All-One ... for the Holidays, and every day!

Featured Video 1: The Oneness - We Are All One (a Metaphysical Perspective)

If you don't see the video below, click on this link to watch on YouTube...

Featured Video 2: We Are All One ( a more Natural Approach)

If you don't see the video below, click on this link to watch on YouTube...

Next Month: More Quotes, Secrets, and Tips!

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